Coldwell Dairy, a charming 19th-century stone-built dairy farm, embarked on a conversion project to create comfortable and energy-efficient heating solutions for their renovated buildings. Their primary goal was to find a heating system that offered both efficiency and comfort throughout each barn conversion.

Having completed the conversion of the first barn, the owner, Rob, opted for an oil-fired boiler system. However, after talking to his neighbours where IMS had installed an air source heat pump, he was encouraged to consider for a heat pump for his second barn conversion. The neighbour shared how much money they had saved compared to their previous heating system and intrigued by the potential savings in comparison to oil, he decided to contact IMS Heat Pumps.

The chosen Vaillant AroTherm+ Air Source Heat Pump proved to be an excellent fit for the barn conversion project. Its ability to operate at very low temperatures made it perfectly compatible with the underfloor heating system on the ground floor, as well as the radiators on the upper level, ensuring efficient and comfortable heating throughout the entire property.

Rob was delighted with the performance of the initial heat pump installation by IMS Heat Pumps, which had already proven to save them money on their heating bills.

“There were no glitches. In fact, I don’t think we had to call them back for any remedial work, which is always a good sign that it’s a good first fix. So, I’m more than happy with IMS Heat Pumps.

“From a cost point of view, it’s a good saving. IMS came and absolutely nailed the first one within the timescales they said they would do.”

This exceptional experience led them to choose IMS Heat Pumps for their third barn conversion project, showcasing their unwavering confidence in the company’s expertise.